It is a new dawn a new day and there’s plenty to be discovered in the world of The Brew. There are an infinite number of combinations for brewing the perfect cup of tea. Everyone has their own method and skill set. Some dash milk while other pour it, some leave the bag in while others take it out and give it a squeeze.

There are so many methods plus there are hundreds maybe thousands of different varieties of tea. Now what about everything else? how about coffee? cocktails? beer? everyone has their own method and preference and they all claim that theirs is the best.

My Name is Nitin and I’m on a mission to discover what London and the world has to offer in the world of The Brew obsessed while honing my writing skills in the process. This is Cult Brew.

Just a note; this endeavour is all self funded so please excuse the ads or you can show your support by contributing to a cup of coffee by clicking on them.