Electric Coffee Co Ealing

Today is a good day, today is Friday! as I work for myself I don’t usually look forward to Fridays and I’m not afraid of Mondays, I like all days 🙂

I was looking forward to today because it would be my only coffee of the week. I promised myself I’d cut down so I can enjoy and savour my coffee experience a little more than usual.

I was right, the coffee today was exceptional thanks to the guys at Electric Coffee Co in Ealing West London.

Electric Coffee Co Ealing

A short walk from Ealing Broadway station, Electric coffee Co is a cavernous space housing plenty of tables and chairs to enjoy your coffee from.  Maybe tuck into one of their sandwiches or cakes, I got the Salmon and dill bun which hit all the right spots.

Electric Coffee Co Ealing

If you wish you can also enjoy your brew and watch the world go by from a stool by the window inside or opting for one of the benches outside.


I ordered my usual flat white and to my surprise, I was given a recommendation of selecting the single origin Nicaragua, roasted by Electric themselves, apparently its perfect for a flat white, I had to yes even though its an extra 20p.


Inside Electric there is a cool and cosy vibe, the team behind the counter are supporting hipster icons like a moustache, floppy hair and plenty of denim, but unlike other cafes, Electric doesn’t feel hipster at all, the atmosphere is relaxed and there are no frowns if you order a cappuccino after 12 noon.



The 6oz flat white was smooth, chocolatey and topped off with a thick crema.  Electric Coffee Co. Do it all, from, sourcing to roasting and serving. The key to electric is their consistency, I’ve been here many times and every time I can count on the coffee, service and overall experience to be just like it was on my last visit.

Wheel and pushchair access is easy and there’s plenty of brewing options to suit all tastes. I would gladly send my friends here with the confidence that they’d get exactly what they wanted and leave with their blood pumping that little bit faster. The free wifi can be slow and power points are sparse but Electric is still a great place to work, socialise or just chill own your own.

Overall Cult Rating: 4.5 out of 5. ( More power outlets and faster wifi required)

Opening times: Mon – Fri 07.00 – 18.00| Sat 08:00 – 18:00 | Sun 09:00 – 18:00.

Flat white cost: 6oz £2.90 with the single origin. regular £2.70

Roasters:  In-house Electric Coffee Roasting Co.

Milk Options: Whole Mike non-homogenised, Oat and Soy.

Wifi: Yes, can be slow at times.

Toilets: Yes, Unisex.

Power points: Yes but not everywhere.

Electric Coffee Co Ealing



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