Sunday coffee with my partner in caffeine “doctor_kaffeine”, we decided to visit Rhythm and Brews in Chiswick Park. What a great idea bringing together two of my favourite things, coffee and Vinyl Records. Sunday was damp and the autumn leaves were covering the pavement while we made our way from Chiswick Park station.

Turning on to Walpole street we were greeted with the welcoming view of Rhythm & Brews. Upon entering we decided to sit on the stools in the window so we could enjoy the view. The Doctor placed our order of 2 flat whites while I flicked through the record selection, (any record for £2) nothing took my fancy so I popped to the gents, has to be said, the gents could do with a little attention.

Anyway once back at my stool our coffees were delivered and served in super retro-rustic cups 👌🏼.

The coffee itself was not the best I’ve had, Although Union Coffee are doing some great things to the industry, Union is readily available from any good supermarket so there’s nothing really special about the Rhythm and Brews coffee or roast.



Considering the promise of vinyl records, there was nothing spectacular about my experience, it was a letdown on both vinyl and coffee.

If you’re local to Chiswick Park and want someplace off the high street that is quiet but serves what’s on the high street then you’ll enjoy Rhythm & Brews.

Overall Cult Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

Opening times: Mon – Fri 8.00am – 6.00pm

Roasters:  Union

Wifi: TBC

Power point: TBC


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