Today the sky is an ominous yellow, turning orange as every hour passes. Storm Ophelia has whipped up dessert sands from the Sahara and brought them to London. The usual grey has been replaced with an apocalyptic red, “is Mars like this?” I wonder.

I am on route to a place i’ve been looking forward to trying for months now. Tucked away from the busy A40 – A501 and just short walk from Baker Street station is the Scandinavian cafe ‘Nordic Bakery’ on Dorset St. Pitched as being a “quiet getaway” from the “frantic city”, I am looking forward to spending the rest of my afternoon working form there.

Nordic Bakery Marylebone W1

Upon entering the first thing I noticed was the drop in temperature followed by the darkness of the walls, tables and intense lighting. The floor to ceiling windows offering little to warm atmosphere.

there’s no clear path to the counter. Dodging table corners I am greeted with a vast selection of pastries and sweet treats, looking and smelling perfect. No flat white on the menu so I opt for the Nordic equivalent, A ‘Short Latte’, 2 shots with a little milk, plus a Cinnamon bun, it is Cinnamon Bun week, after all.

Nordic Bakery Marylebone W1

Wanting to get some work done I try to make myself comfortable as close to the window as possible. I’m still wearing my coat. looking through the window, the red sandy sunlight is flooding the street.

Short Latte and cinnamon bun are promptly served by the friendly staff. The coffee looks great and bun is equally impressive. The cinnamon scent is alluring but I hold back and give the short latte my full attention.

The layer of crema is thick and does a good job holding its own when given a vigorous stir. The glass is hot, maybe too hot? so I take a cautious sip, followed by a larger gulp and then another. Taking a deep breath all my taste buds are firing, the initial taste and intensity are great, deep, bold and chocolaty, however, the grainy feeling left on my tongue suggests the coffee was over extracted.


On to the cinnamon bun. As large as a boxers fist, this was a perfect compliment to the intense coffee.  Layer upon layer of thick pastry stuffed with cinnamon infused sugary crystals, cutting through the deep coffee bitterness, could this be the best cinnamon bun in London?

Nordic Bakery Marylebone W1

Feeling cold and a touch claustrophobic, i decided not to work from here.  Stuffing the last of the bun in to my mouth, chasing down with the remaining coffee, I step out on to Mars and think about what I’ll discover next.


The Nordic Bakery is a distinct experience. The whole place screams Scandinavian, every element from the furniture, wood panelling to the pastries and coffee mugs, are all distinctly Nordic. There’s no a flat white and the cinnamon bun is like no other I’ve seen, It’s great to see such a strong sense of identity.

Does it deliver on its promises? well, yes and no. It’s not difficult to be a quiet getaway if you’re located on a quiet street. The decision to focus on what i call “Nordic-Cold”, dark and cold doesn’t appeal to me, I didn’t want to stick around. I would’ve preferred a stronger presence of the Nordic philosophy of Hygge, that would’ve been “Nordic-Gold”, warm, calm and inviting. Plus the lack of a loyalty scheme pushed me over the edge into realm of disappointment.

Overall Cult Rating : 3.5 out of 5.

Opening times :Mon – Fri 7.30am – 6.30pm | Sat 8.30am – 6.30pm | Sun 9am – 6pm

Short Latte: £2.90

Wifi: TBC

Power point: TBC

Beans: TBC

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