Since my last post I’ve been hit with the dreaded tastebuds destroyer, The Common Cold <sad face>. On a serious note, now that I’ve embarked on this taste tickling adventure I’ve never been so desperate to get my sense of taste and smell back. It’s been just over a week and even though my nose is a little red all my senses are up and running.

Today I decided to make a trip to Swallow Coffee Shop on Goldhawk Road in West London. Leaving Goldhawk Road station, I was pleasantly surprised to learn how close the Swallow was, less than 50 meters from the station exit.

The Swallow Coffee Shop

A recent addition to Goldhawk Road, my first impressions are positive. externally the Swallow looks great, painted in a beautiful blue-teal hue with strong gold lettering, The inside is equally pleasant, with clean lines, neutral colours and a mix between organic and industrial materials.  Spread over 3 floors, this must be one of the most expansive coffee shops I’ve visited.

Ozone are the coffee are the beans of choice at Swallow. I ordered a flat white and decided to take a seat at one of the cosy little tables by the fireplace. Later i moved to a larger table where I could open up my laptop and spread out my paperwork to make use of the power outlets and lots of natural light.

The Swallow Coffee Shop

The coffee was brought to my table and it looked great, served in an Acme tulip cup and finished with a leaf motif, my hopes were high.  Sadly, my hopes slowly dissolved just like the crema. Giving it a stir, I noticed it wasn’t as thick as it looks and it was disintegrating fast “It must be homogenised milk”, I thought to myself.

On to the taste, it’s earthy with a smooth aftertaste, however, as I feared, considering the 2 shots of espresso in this flat white, the overall taste of the beans seemed to be lost in this mini latte.  I didn’t really enjoy it as much as I hoped I would. A little less milk and a thicker smoother creme would make this flat white closer to my liking.


I like Swallow Coffee Shop, it’s a welcome addition to the West London coffee scene. Targeted at people who like to work out-of-office, it offers free wifi, power outlets and plenty of room to scatter your papers.

There was something sterile about my experience, the coffee needs some attention and the overall environment could do a few hundred hours of human traffic to break it in, and make it cosy and comfortable.

I wouldn’t make the effort to travel to the Swallow just for the coffee but I would pop in if i was in the area and needed to work away from home.

The Swallow Coffee Shop is more like a Coffice, Coffee + Office = Coffice 🙂

Overall Cult Rating : 4 out of 5.

Opening times : 7.30 – 4.30 Monday – Friday | 8.30 – 3.30 Saturdays

Flat white: £2.70

Wifi: Yes

Power point: Yes.

Beans: Ozone Coffee Roasters.

As always, I encourage you not to take my word for it but make an effort and check it out for yourself. Make sure you come back and share your thoughts. Till next time.

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